Feb. 24, 2016

Is history repeating itself?


When I heard the comment from then presidential-hopeful Mike Huckabee regarding Beyoncé, I must admit I rolled my eyes. I confess. I thought Mr. Huckabee crossed the line of embracing the younger generation and chose, instead, to declare himself a total prude. After paying more attention and following her closely over the past few months, Ol’ Mike may be on to something.

Huckabee pointed out the similarities between B’ and her hubby comparing the relationship to a prostitute and her pimp. Even repeating the concept is disturbing to me, but I believe B’ has taken a walk on the wild side. Experience proves that the dark side typically follows.

What disturbs me the most is seeing where she came from and recalling her “testimony” while still living in Houston declaring herself as a follower of Christ. I really want to ask B’ just where is Christ during her “shake-your-bon-bon” performances and how is she representing Him in her recent anti-police video? I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, B’.  I need to tell you, I am not seeing much of Him reflected in you these days.

There are people reading this now wanting to condemn me for what they see as my condemning her. I believe Christ taught a distinctive difference between passing judgment on a person (a spiritual no-no) and discerning the person’s authenticity in matters of faith. I repeat: “B’, I’m not seeing much Christ here.”

Christ taught us to examine a tree and know the tree by its fruit. Beyoncé’s fruit seems to be going bad. I pray the tree doesn’t wither up and die.

The entire situation reminds me of Whitney Houston. I sincerely hope history is not repeating itself.