Feb. 9, 2016

Fickle Faith

I find it interesting when someone says, “Oh, 9/11 happened because God was angry with America,” or “Disease is skyrocketing because God is sick and tired of America’s sins.” I have to laugh to myself. I would never laugh at anyone’s face…well, almost anyone. There are some people close enough to me that I would laugh out loud and say, “Whhhaaatttt????” But, I really do try to be respectful – most of the time. 

Still, I find that attitude totally Old Testament God (legalism) and certainly not New Testament God (Christ’s grace).

Besides, if God was really mad at us, do you really think we’d be left standing?  I think not.  Can we say, “Ananias and Sapphira?” (See Acts 5.)  Come on….really?  You think God is punishing us?

It seems to me that Jesus said something along the lines of, “There would be wars and rumors of wars. Nations will rise against nations. There will be earthquakes, pestilence, and distress of nations, famine, signs in the sun, moon and stars.”  He also said when these things come to past – look up. He said, “I’ll be back.” That “pestilence” thing – that would be disease.  The “distress of nations,” sounds like terrorism to me. Tragedy and heartache are all parts of the declining condition of earth and mankind.

Faith cannot be fickle. We can’t toss around like waves trying to decide if we trust God or not. (See James 1). We have to decide once and for all: Do we believe God or not?

I find comfort knowing that Jesus promised, “I’ll be back.”  I’m sure He didn’t say it in an Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Terminator-type voice, but I am sure it was powerful just the same.

Father, please strengthen Your children to the point that we don’t sway back and forth as if we are a people without stability or without hope. Father, You are our Rock.  You are our Salvation. Teach us to focus on grace; not fear. Teach us to claim forgiveness instead of walking around shouting that You are out to get us. Lord, You’ve got me already and I am so glad You did! Amen.