Feb. 7, 2016


There was a time I thought that an organization had to have a great leader in order to become a great group of people. Now, I am not so sure.

Leadership is an appropriate topic these days since most Americans are watching and waiting to make the decision on which candidate will get their vote in the next presidential election. As an Independent voter, I monitor more than the party they represent. It’s tough.

The Book of Provers teaches, “A people without a vision will perish.”  I’ve been guilty in the past of blaming the condition of circumstances solely on the leader. However, these wise words do not say, “A people without a charismatic leader will perish,” or “A people without powerful leadership will perish.” It doesn’t even teach that a leader without experience cannot lead people. Nope; the Bible teaches that a people without a vision will perish.

Once the Lord allowed this verse to fully permeate my thoughts and my mind, I stop depending on a leader to salvage my life. I quit expecting a leader to rescue me. We can try blaming someone else or claim it is a result of poor leadership in our church or country. But, that isn’t true. We are in the shape we are in as a result of our individual behavior. Individual behavior has a direct impact on the collective output. Everyone’s decisions and behavior affects everyone. In fact, I am not totally convinced that anyone truly decent would even want to lead us. We’re kind of mean and overly critical. In my opinion.

Lord, help me to know Thy will.

    Lord, help me to embrace Thy will.

         Lord, help me to do Thy will.

             Lord, help me to teach Thy will.

For then, and only then, will I be heading in the right direction. All I can work on is “me.” Amen.