Feb. 2, 2016


“What gives you the right to stir up trouble
And start a fight?”

“What makes you think you’re so smart; as if
You have a direct line to His heart?”

“Why should we listen to you?
Your opinion doesn’t make it all true!”

My answer is simple. My logic is straight.
I believe that He speaks to us based on our faith.

I don’t always know I am right.
But, the battle really isn’t my fight.

I pray. I listen. I pray even more.
I listen again until I am sure.

The truth is really quite simple –
My body, my mind are His temple.

If what I say comes from me,
You don’t have to worry – you see.

But, if what He tells me to say
I ignore and just walk away?

Then, the only Person I must face
Is my God of great love and much grace.

To say, “We can agree to disagree,”
Really isn’t Christian unity to me.

May I suggest a better plan?
Let’s pray together before taking a stand.

Through prayer and unity, we understand His word.
Only then can His message clearly be heard.

By Roni Archer - February 2, 2016