Jan. 31, 2016

It doesn't work...

The best thing about being almost 60 is the experience and wisdom you gain along the way. I am not trying to say I know it all, but I’ve learned a lot. That’s why my blog is called, “Lessons Learned: Tidbits of Knowledge.”

Very early in my marriage, my husband watched as I swept dust and dirt under a rug. He laughed and called me out saying, “You realize that doesn’t make the house clean, right?” I told him I discovered that sweeping things under the rug helped when I was running behind or had last-minute guests coming to visit. It was a quick fix for a dirt problem.

My husband was right – sweeping things under the rug didn’t solve anything.  Sooner or later, I had to lift the rug and found my housekeeping two, three, maybe four times harder because of my delay in handling it right the first time. It was a dumb practice but seemed right to me at the time.

Over the years, I’ve observed Believers trying to sweep things under the rug. Following my husband’s lead, I am tempted to ask, “You realize that doesn’t make your house clean, right?” But, I bite my tongue knowing that my confrontational style doesn’t work for everyone.

Whether it is personally or congregationally, we may be tempted to take on the attitude that what isn’t seen or discussed will go away. Our silence and refusal to discuss the issues doesn’t solve anything. There is underlying dirt problem that keeps our house from getting the true cleaning it needs. God knows the dirt is there. God wants us to lift the rug.

Authenticity requires vulnerability and transparency. If we want healthy, loving relationships and churches, we must face the truth. God does not want hidden dirt to affect our overall witness as individuals or a church’s witness in the community.

Come clean.

Father, I realize there are some people reading this who have no idea of what message You are trying to relay through me. But, Father, I also realize there is a group of people who know exactly what I mean. They know they have been plastic for far too long. They know, Lord, that their attempts to sweep their spiritual dirt under the rug have only created a trip and slip risk in their work. Father, claim Your children. Reclaim Your church. Remind us of the words in 2 Peter 1:18-21 that You are the Light shining in our dark corners. You see the dirt under our rugs. You are able to shine Your light into the darkest crevices of our soul. You want the dirt brought out in the open. In the mighty power of Jesus, I ask You to get in the face of some of Your children and demand that they come clean and get real.  I pray this knowing You will take this message to the ones who need to hear it.  Let those who have ears hear Your message. Amen.