Jan. 29, 2016

Fighting Pink

All across the world
Your daughters cry out to You;
Needing to feel Your strength
Believing You know what to do.
Some are facing cruelty.
Others are wrought with pain.
Some battle insecurity.
While others are bound by shame.
Some are tiny little girls;
Others have aging hands.
They come in all shapes and sizes
All across our land.
Some grow up to teach.
Some grow up to share.
Some never experience growing up.
How does that seem fair?
Some say they want to be nurses.
Others want to be dancers.
All seem have a common fear –
The risk of facing breast cancer.
We are told to “think pink,”
We are told to walk or run.
We are told to hold on knowing
You are there when life is done.
I don’t think it’s so much about death
As much as it is the quality of life.
It’s hard to fight through treatment
When you are a daughter, a mother, a wife.
While our government argues about everything
Their sisters are left waiting in a lurch.
Special projects take the money away
From greatly-needed research.
One wants to open the doors
Letting everyone step right in.
Another says he’ll “build a wall”
Claiming we can’t be everyone’s friend.
It seems to me these people call “leaders”
Really do not lead.
They take up a lot of space and time
In newspapers and on TV.
Do they realize women are dying?
Facing real struggles on our own?
Are we holding onto paper dreams
Believing this country is our home?
I simply wish someone, somewhere cared.
I wish we could be sure
That when these campaigns are over
There is time and money to find a cure.

By Roni Archer - January 29, 2016