Jan. 25, 2016

Put the "c" where it belongs...

While reading my bible one evening, I noticed the similarity between the words, “scared,” and “sacred.” The two words have all the same letters and end the same way. The only difference is where you put the “c.”

With one very small adjustment, we are able to change a negative feeling into a holy experience. Moving from scared to sacred requires that we move the “c.”

The same is true in life. The difference between being scared and experiencing something truly sacred is based on what we “see.” Our willingness to move our eyes away from our greatest fears lifts us into sacred space. In that sacred place, there is no fear. There is only Jesus.

I am beginning to put the play into practice – when I “c” fear, I “c” Him. When I see failure, I look for Him. As I move from scared to sacred, I watch for ways He wants to teach me and lead me.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Focus on Him. Take yourself out of fear and put yourself directly in His path. The difference between this life and the next is all based on what we “c.”

Father, in my afraid times, I will put my trust in You. Lord, I turn my eyes to You. I seek Your face above anything else. My fear is cast away when I cast my cares on You and watch for Your guidance in my life.  Thank You, Lord Jesus! Thank You!