Jan. 15, 2016

Tell the Truth

Truth is hard to come by these days. Everyone wants to offer their opinion, but deciphering true from false; accurate from deception; and fact from fiction is very difficult. I am told we were once a people of truth in America. I wouldn’t know because I came along in the JFK era where his family seemed to live a life of lies. He did wonderful things in some cases, but there were many skeletons in his closet.

My teenage years were based on Richard Nixon’s, “I’m not a crook” line. Of course, we soon discovered that he wasn’t a crook but he did lie. I realize I could go on and on but in doing so would step over the boundary of being a no-political zone and confined to the box of my own opinion. I want to look outside the box of my own thinking. I want to know more.

Jesus explained truth in the discussion He held in John 8:31-32. When we realize that Jesus was talking to people, His people, and we realize He was asking them to think totally outside of their religious box, we then begin to understand what He was really saying to them and to us.

First, He addressed “those who believed in Him.” It’s really hard to talk about spiritual truth if someone doesn’t have a spiritual interest. These people did. I do. I hope you do, too.

He also asked this group (and those of us who came much later) to “hold fast to His teachings.” He emphasized that if we hold fast to what He teaches us, we are living proof that we are His disciples. What about that? Do you think we can be just as much of a disciple of Christ now as the Early Church was back then?  You betcha?  How do we do it?  He just told us – believe and hold fast to His teachings.

The only way we are going to know what He teaches is to be involved with a Bible-based church OR be disciplined enough that we study on our own.  I haven’t met anyone that is completely self-disciplined in their Bible study. Therefore, I highly recommend the church route.

Something interesting comes next. Jesus says, “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” What Christ is saying is probably what every Christian mother in the world says to her children regardless of their ages: Once you believe in Christ, know His teachings, do what He teaches, THEN you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Trying to make some tough decisions? Confused about which way to go or where to turn? Call on Jesus. He hears the cries of anyone that calls His name. (Well…unless they are using His name as a cuss word and then He turns down the volume.) Cry out to Jesus. In other words, pray and seek His answers. When you do – then you will know the truth.

The truth about the Truth always sets us free. We stop battling within and among ourselves and we rest in His promise to take care of us.

Lord, direct those who are searching. If they are searching for spiritual answers, please lead them to a gathering of Believers who will teach truth. If they are searching for personal answers, please call them into a personal relationship with You. For those of us that already have a personal relationship with You, remind us that if we believe in You, know and do what You teach, then the answers are clear and the confusion dissipates. Amen.