Jan. 14, 2016

Being stuck

I admit it. Brotherly kindness – that’s the step I try to skip. I get all tangled up in the concept and stall out in my Christian life. Of course if you didn't read my blog yesterday, that comment makes no sense.

Try to keep up, okay? (Just kidding!) Brotherly kindness. Yep. That's it. That’s the ongoing "thorn in my side" and pain in my butt.

I've been on a 3-4 year journey asking myself, asking God and asking others, "Can I love God but not love His children?" I find it easier to love the outcast, the downtrodden, or the oppressed. Loving those church people?  God, may I skip that part of my growth cycle?

Many wise friends tell me I can love God and not like His children, but I have to love them. So, I drew a line in the sand of my mind and said, "That's it. I may have to love them but I don't have to like them and the best way to manage my unlike is to simply steer clear of them!"

Then, God whispered, "Unity." Yea, yea, I know....unity.  That sounds a whole lot like brotherly kindness condensed down to one word. The problem is God will not allow me to play word games when it comes to my witness for Him in the world AND among Christ’s Church.

God led me to think about what happens in families when grown siblings fight. The family becomes fragmented, angry, and the parents are deeply grieved.  God grieves over my anger, bitterness and the separation it causes in His family.

So, I began to pray, "I understand, but what do I do about it?" God truly has a great sense of humor. He continues to toss them in my daily path.  I can't escape them even if I don't go to church with them. They are everywhere!!!!

Sometimes the strongest and best move we can make for God is to move on. While it took me some time to grasp it (after kicking my feet and throwing my temper tantrums), it's okay now. I can move past it. Now, when I see God's precious children, my sisters and brothers, I will shower them with God's love and a little bit of mine.