Jan. 12, 2016

A Person of Hope

Christians are called to be persons of hope. If you look at the picture attached to this blog, you will see just a few examples of the items I have in my home that read, “Hope.” Even my dog is named, “Hope,” but she wouldn’t sit still for the picture.

The current state of affairs is very sad to me, but I remain hopeful. Many of Christ’s own followers are going around spreading news of fear and despair. The Bible I read says we should be the most hopeful people on earth because we are not citizens of this earth. We are children of a Heavenly, Eternal King.

God’s word tells us that nothing separates us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. The Apostle Paul goes on to make a grocery list of life’s non-essentials: death, life, principalities, governments, and absolutely nothing created, just to name a few. When the people of God start claiming that God has abandoned us or that He isn’t in our schools, they must not understand the capacity of God’s reach. He never leaves us.  Get it?  Never leaves us. Personally, I’ve never figured out how you can tell your child that they’ve asked Jesus in their hearts only to send them to school and tell them that God isn’t there?  I’m confused. But, that’s just me.

So, feel free to jump on the desperation bandwagon. I choose to ride in the Lamborghini of hope. But, again, that’s just me.

Father, call Your children close to Your side. Remind us of the hope we have in You. Encourage us to spread Your message of hope across the world. Hope, not money or prestige, is what separates us from all of the world’s other religions. Forgive us when we choose fear and ask everyone else to choose fear, too.  Amen.