Jan. 10, 2016

My un-Friends



Facebook brings out the best in us at times and the worst in us at other times. Facebook encourages us, but also has a tendency to crush us.  Is it worth it?  You get to decide.

I want to share my reasons for un-friending someone on Facebook:

  1. If a person has a tendency to be just plain hateful with the majority of their posts, I must admit that I unfriend them.

  2. If a person posts a “Holier than thou” attitude in the majority of their Facebook posts, I am being honest – I unfriend them.

  3. If someone does not allow other people to have or voice differing opinions, I will unfriend them.

  4. If I believe someone quenches the Holy Spirit both within me and within our world, I believe it is okay to unfriend them. (After all, they aren’t my friends if they don’t love me for who I am.)

  5. If someone is just plain dumb on a consistent basis, I unfriend them.

  6. If someone asks everyone else to “shut up” while insisting everyone agree with them and they refuse to “yield” the floor to another person….yep.  You guessed it.  I unfriend them.

  7. For someone who only takes and doesn’t give – I don’t want to be their Facebook friend.

  8. If someone refuses to stand up for people knowing those people have blatantly been mistreated, they are no friends of mine.

  9. Plastic people. Not my friends.

  10. Refuse to entertain even the slightest possibility that they might just be wrong in their thinking – buzzer sounds – unfriended.

  11. Refusal to grow and embrace others – unfriended immediately.

  12. If someone gets too political or doesn’t seem to have a life outside of football, we can’t be friends.  Sorry. 

    Aren’t you glad God isn’t like me and doesn’t keep a list like this?  He loves us all the time and in spite of our tendency to be “us.” 

    Father, thank You for not being like me. Please teach me how to be more like You and less like me.  Amen.