Jan. 5, 2016

Living life as a vessel for Living Water

 “Deep and wide

      Deep and wide

          There’s a Fountain flowing deep and wide.”

While the words are from a children’s song, their message has great meaning. As believers, we cannot go deep unless we go wide.  We cannot go wide unless we’ve gone deep.

Do you prefer to live life on the surface? I once did. Believe it or not, I looked at life from a shallow perspective. I would sing this song repeatedly with my children, in Sunday School, in Vacation Bible School, or in any other children’s church setting fully believing the song was just that – a song.

“Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a Fountain flowing deep and wide.”

It’s true that living life in the shallow end of the pool is much easier. We don’t take risks. We can feel the concrete beneath our feet not having to exercise our faith by kicking and struggling and swimming. We can simply stand up when we are too tired, too exhausted, or simply not interested in strengthening our muscles. We’ve discovered spiritual relaxation and are very comfortable in our cozy existence.

So many people choose to live a shallow life. They fake it every day. They don’t confront. They do not confess. They are not required to show any courage other than to get out of bed each morning and function.

Oh, my friends! I want to do so much more than merely function. I want to affect my surroundings. I chose to go deep many years ago and have been forced to tread water waiting on God to throw me a rope – His rope. Not a rope that rescues me. Not a rope that entangles me, but a rope that relieves me and allows me to rest while He pulls me to shore. I bravely swam away from the shore of mediocrity and focused on the parts of the ocean less traveled – uncharted territory. It’s in those places we find God all by ourselves and trust Him more deeply.

By going deep, I can now go wide. I can honestly say to the doubter, “I understand.” I can say to the outcast, “I know how you feel.” I can say to the angry, “Let go and trust God.” I can understand the disillusioned and encourage them to look past “them” to see Him. I can say to the serious in their faith, “Don’t lose heart. Passion is worth it in God’s kingdom.”

The more of Christ I soak in, the more of Him I am able to pour out into the lives of others.

Father God, thank You for teaching me to swim in the deep end of Your pool. Thank You for being that Fountain that was poured out deep into my soul allowing me to expand my circle and embrace my fellow strugglers. Thank You, Lord, for making me more than a church lady. Thank You, Lord, for the hurts and the pain; for the struggles and the shame; for the friendships lost and friendships gained. Through it all, I’ve trusted You. In those times I felt fear, You were my Life Preserver. In those times I was too exhausted to move forward, You paddled for me. I am a woman of God. Your woman and I yield. Amen.”