Jan. 2, 2016

New Year's Resolution

Growing up, I thought it was right
To never argue; to never fight.
I tried my best to get along;
Turned my cheek when I’d been wronged.
My friendships lasted for better or worse.
I never allowed Destiny to change our course.
I stayed with people calling it “stability.”
I realize now, it wasn’t reality.
There are times we must admit
It’s sometimes right to call it quits.
There are two vows that need to last –
Stretching towards the future; forgetting the past.
Only marriage and our faith, but
Friends come and go and that’s okay.
It isn’t wrong to say goodbye.
At times, it is better if we just cut ties.
I wish you all the best my friends.
I hope you find peace and it never ends.
My journey has taken a different turn.
Through the pain, there have been lessons learned.
I don’t really think we need to try
To talk, and search, and rationalize.
The truth is not about getting even.
It’s about being willing to meet again in Heaven.
My anger has ceased. My prayers turned civil.
We don’t have to agree – that doesn’t make anyone evil.
Let’s laugh and love and grow from what we’ve seen.
Here's to the very best in 2016.

Roni Archer - January 2, 2016