Dec. 27, 2015

Heads up!

If most of us are honest, we really appreciate a “heads up” before having a surprise sprung on us. The element of surprise is fantastic in the fun things of life. However, a warning for the not-so-good things is very helpful, isn’t it?

Jesus spent a great deal of time providing a “heads up” for what was and what is to come. He repeatedly told His disciples that He would suffer and die, but would rise again on the third day. He forewarned Peter that Peter would deny even knowing Him, which Peter vehemently fought. What was once Jesus’ prediction became reality. Peter did deny even knowing Christ during some of the darkest hours of Jesus’ life.

Jesus offers His followers a “heads up” on what to expect as this earth winds down. “There shall be wars and rumors of wars,” is just a sample of Christ’s heads up to us. The “end of age” refers to our temporal life on earth. He also provided a great deal of insight on what is to come in eternity. Thanks goodness!

Luke 21 is Christ’s detailed heads up to us. He commands us to stand up and look up for our redemption. Jesus doesn’t expect us to walk around looking at the sky. He is providing details of what will occur before His second coming. His encouragement is to remain faithful and watchful knowing His side wins in the end. Get that? We win!

Let’s not be looking down on others or feeling discouraged or combative in spiritual matters. Let’s obey Christ. Look up, stand up, and know that He will return. Let’s stand firm in our faith and keep our focus on Him. Most especially, let’s provide the “heads up” to others.  When we shun them, we can’t share Him.

Make me, Lord Jesus, more like You. Thank You for the many times You taught and warned us that this life would get tough, but that You are tougher and we can be tougher through You. Father, help us glorify You by sharing the news that You are real, You care, and You will be back. Amen.