Dec. 21, 2015

Dreams and visions...visions and dreams.

My pastor made a comment during a sermon over the summer that Baptists have a tendency to downplay the Holy Spirit. I voiced a wholehearted, “Amen!” I realize today’s blog can easily be misunderstood. On one hand, I can be like the Old Testament Joseph before he matured and come across arrogant and prideful. On the other hand, I can come across crazy. I am getting use to coming across as crazy. The Lord has certainly expanded my territory with out-of-the-box thinking and creating controversy.

There are times that God speaks to me through my dreams. Not every night and not with every dream. He blessed me with one vision in my life, but His preferred mode of communication seems to be while I am sleeping.  Probably because I can’t talk back to Him and I am forced to watch and listen.

The dreams I believe God gives to me are a) always very clear, b) always in color, c) significant in the key color(s) of the dream, and d) speaks to a prayer or prayers I recently prayed.  Last night’s dream was no exception.

I believe my dream took the tone it did because I fell asleep watching the movie, “White Christmas.” My parents and my aunt visited and we spent time talking about the story, the actors, and the music. I fell asleep after they left while the ending to White Christmas kept playing on my DVR.

In my dream, I was backstage at a major performance with the many cast members of the show. We were hustling and bustling throughout my dream. I seem to be more of a crew member in my dream than a main character. I walked up to just about every person in the crowd assisting them in getting ready for their performance. Some, I helped straighten their costumes. Others, I helped by getting them get a glass of red punch. Red was the first color noticeable in my dream. I didn’t offer the red punch, but I served it to others when they asked for it.

As I reached a woman in the crowd, it was obvious to me that she was Muslim by the way she was dressed. I approached her and she said the word, “Ramadan.” I nodded my head and repeated, “Ramadan.” A man’s gruff voice yelled at me, “Do not say that word!” His anger frightened me so I stepped away from both he and the woman.

I went to another area of the stage and continued helping the actors prepare for their show. A very small lady from Africa who reminded me of my grandmother asked to braid my hair. I sat down allowing her to braid my hair and she interwove a yellow cord through my hair. It was bright and vibrant. Many of the actors stopped their conversations and their practice admiring my new hairdo. My hair shined with the yellow ribbon woven through it. I woke up focusing on the red punch and yellow cord.

So, what did the dream mean?  What is God trying to say to me?  First, let me assure you that there were no drugs or alcohol involved in my evening.  <Smile>

Let me share my prayers over the course of a month:

Lord, who should I vote for as President? I really don’t like any of the options.

Lord, should we ban or attempt to control all Muslims from entering our country? What is right in YOUR eyes?

Lord, why do people have to suffer? Lord, how do I prepare for the deaths of many loved ones and my own death?

The answers I believe God provided through my dream?

Life is just a stage. We all have parts in life’s play. My role is to serve others as I live life. God enforced His desire for me to have a servant’s heart not a worrier’s mind.

Hate has and will always exist. I must decide for myself whether I believe the lost are worth saving.  My answer to that question will be determined on how mission-minded my heart really is and how much I trust God as Director of the play.

Muslims have always existed and are the other half of Father Abraham’s family. As I allow God to lead me, some will be angry by my actions of acceptance. Let them be angry.

In the Bible, red is always representative of blood and isn’t necessarily bad.  Death isn’t necessarily bad. Through Christ’s blood, we simply move our lives (and our production) to another stage. I will be surrounded by many of the same players from this life in my eternal life.  So, will my loved ones. I don’t have to fret or worry.  Instead, I am to enjoy the preparation for what is to come and help others get ready for the next act.

What is the significance of the yellow cord woven into my hair? The color yellow in the Bible represents two very different things. In the Old Testament, Leviticus law used yellow as a gauge for disease. However, in the New Testament, one of the gifts to Baby Jesus was frankincense, which is yellow in color and is something of great worth. I believe God allows me to choose what it will be – good or bad. I choose to be something great for God’s kingdom. Not everyone will see me in that light. All I can do is be myself.

On a side note, the significance of the woman reminding me of my grandmother was simply God’s reminder that my grandmother loved me very much and never thought I did anything wrong even when my sin was obvious. My loving grandmother may have seen the “yellow cord” but loved me anyway. As with God, my grandmother saw me as something of great worth and her love was unconditional.