Dec. 17, 2015

What's it gonna be?

When you are a strong personality and when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has gifted you with extrovert spiritual gifts, it can be difficult to come to terms with who you are and what you are called to do for Christ.

Let’s talk about the difference between being disgruntled, discerning and disturbed.

There is a cute little saying that is going around Facebook that asks, “Is it kind?” when determining whether or not to speak up for someone or speak out against something. I try to be discerning every time this little sign is posted. I have to tell you, Moses wasn’t always kind in what he said to the disobedient. Jesus wasn’t kind to the religiously hateful. Paul definitely wasn’t kind when trying to move Christianity across the world and having to deal with confused followers. I have no doubt kindness and gentleness are fruits of the Spirit, but I also believe Christianity risks extinction if we continue to develop into the religion of wusses.

Spiritual strength and fortitude is bridled passion exercising not only self-control but God’s control – especially when it’s time to get tough.

Here are some samples of being disgruntled versus practicing the spiritual discipline of discernment versus being spiritually disturbing (and mental as well).

The number one way to determine which path we’ve taken is our word usage. Disgruntled people say, “Never” a lot. “I will never forgive them. I will never turn from God. I will never accept a certain lifestyle.” Discerning people embrace “both/and.” “I can both love you and disagree with you. Both of us have valid points and we need to pray about this together. I believe you are both wrong and headed for danger.” Disturbing people sit firmly in “either/or.” Either you believe like me OR I want nothing to do with you. Either you understand the bible the way I read it OR you aren’t a real Christian. Either I like no one OR I am afraid no one likes me.”

God calls us to be ourselves. Plainly and simply – be you. Be the you God created you to be for Him. To those who don’t want to grow and change, you will come across as disgruntled. Move on past them. To those who are disturbed, they will either shun you or lie to your face while stabbing you behind your back. Forgive them. Those who know you and love you will understand that discernment isn’t always easy. It is, however, always necessary.