Dec. 16, 2015


Life is about perspective. The truth is whatever our perspective, that is 100% of our reality.  It is highly unlikely that we will get any adult to change their minds based on our opinion. Perspective is a difficult thing to sway. 

We really don’t need to argue. I am not going to change your mind and guess what? You most likely are not going to change my mind.

If my perspective is clouded by circumstances, I must make a concentrated effort to think positively. The Apostle Paul taught us to think about positive things. He also encouraged us to be thankful in all circumstances. Sounds like a tall order, but if we have a teachable spirit, it’s doable.

The Christian radio station KSBJ is challenging their listeners to choose joy. How can we choose joy when we disagree with something or someone; when circumstances really are bad and it’s not just a matter of perspective; and when we would rather stay in our pajamas and eat bon-bons all day? We can choose joy when we remember what joy is really all about: Jesus first. Others second. Yourself third.

I have joy when I have Jesus. I choose joy when I focus on Jesus. I spread joy when I reach out to help others. Blessings immediately follow, which in turn turns my world (and my perspective) around.

Choose joy.