Dec. 15, 2015

My church



At my church, we have a choir. They wear choir robes and sing both hymns and praise songs.

At my church, most people wear dresses. I wear pants to my church.

My church has a Wednesday service and a Sunday night service. On Wednesday nights, there is usually a praise band.

My church has one tenured pastor and several young pastors. They are all gifted preachers at my church.

My church has two Sunday morning services and several options in Sunday School classes and times. If you can’t find what you are looking for at my church, I’m not sure what you are looking for in the first place.

My church is really, really big. Some people call my church “the rich church.” I’ve heard people call my church “the selfish church.”  An acquaintance of mine from a past church calls my church “The Whore of Babylon.” I just laugh.  My church is not the whore of Babylon.

My church has a Tuesday Bible Study Lunch. For $6.00, you get a 3-course meal and a GREAT bible lesson. I prefer Tuesday Bible Study Lunch over Sunday School.  At my church, I have the freedom to make that choice.

My church has a really large parking lot in order to have room for all of those people filling that really big church, all of those Sunday School classes, and the multiple services we have each week.  My church has golf carts to deliver people right to the church’s front door. This is very helpful if you can’t walk a long ways or if the weather is bad.  My church thinks about those details in order to serve those attending my church.

I have to be honest and say that my church wasn’t my first choice in a church, but I find I fit in better in a really large congregation. I like “disappearing” into the crowd.  Many have condemned me and my church for having this as an option. My church doesn’t force me into a mold of what I should look like or what my church commitment should look like.  I like that about my church.

You can probably make a list of all the things your church does for you and for your fellow church members. Your list will probably look much different than my list and the list will really depend on the preference and style of the church’s congregants. We often forget that one church is not supposed to look just like another.  We often forget that all churches are important to God.

We also seem to forget that the church doesn’t belong to us. It’s His Church. It’s His Body. If we truly grasped the biblical concept of Christ’s Church, we might just stop putting other churches down because they don’t behave like “my” church.

We’re all in this together and a House divided against itself will not stand.