Dec. 13, 2015

What do Donald Trump and I have in common?

I do not care for Donald Trump. I find myself totally amazed that so many are supporting him. There are times I gasp thinking, “He might just very well be our next president.”  I am not sure what I think about that possibility.

Through prayer, I did some soul searching and asked God, “Why does Donald Trump bother me so much?” My spirit laughed and shouted within my heart, “Because you are just like him! Everything you see in him that you don’t like is some of the exact same behaviors you use to get people’s attention.”

What do Donald Trump and I have in common?

We are fed up. Donald Trump is fed up with the political leadership in our country. I am fed up with failing church leadership.

We use shock tactics to make a point. Anyone who knows anything about change will tell you that you have to swing really far in an opposite direction in order to move hardheaded people to the center of change.

We lose our temper when people do dumb things or say dumb things thinking their inability to lead is excused because they have been around a while or they are “nice people.”

We realize slackers are more dangerous than hyperactive people. God can convict us when we are moving in the wrong direction.  God has a really tough time speaking through apathy. Comfort is dangerous when change is necessary for future health.

We’ve lost patience for excuses – even when the excuses come from people we love and admire. We accept we may not win friends or influence people, but we are willing to give it our best shot anyway believing failure to change is total failure for everyone.

I am glad to say I have a nicer hairdo than does Donald. That brings me some consolation. What do Hillary Clinton and I have in common? We are both female.