Dec. 13, 2015

True Reality

Sometimes I act as if I know everything about everything. There is a new song on the radio that’s words say, “What’s wrong with being confident?” I am well aware that a strong, opinionated, confident Southern woman is a challenge to traditional society. Please allow me to make something perfectly clear – I don’t think I know everything about everything. There is one thing I know for sure: God is real.

If you keep up with me on Facebook and you haven’t unfriended me, blocked me, or made the decision to hide all of my posts, you know by now that my family had a very difficult Thanksgiving holiday. It certainly did not turn out as we expected, but you know what? That’s ok.  How do I know? Because God is real.

Often times, people ask me why God heals some people but allows other people to die. I don’t like the word, “die,” but I understand it is the most common word we use when someone exits this life and their soul moves into eternity. I don’t know why God heals some and takes some.  I can confidentially say that His existence is not based on either outcome. I am confident that God is real.

Prayer is a wonderful thing and tricky practice. Many people stop praying based on one or two times that God didn’t answer their prayers the way they hoped He would. I read and re-read scriptures about prayer and here is what I continually discover: pray without ceasing, pray believing, pray knowing that God loves us and pray understanding (and yielding) to the fact that He knows what He is doing.  You see, God is very real in both this world and the hereafter.

My family has felt and appreciated your prayers. I think, at this time, it is safe to share with you, in this format, that my sister was rushed to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day due to a terrible reaction to her most recent chemo.  She is improving and I continue to pray without ceasing, pray believing, and pray knowing that God loves her. God knows what He is doing. My sister belongs to God; therefore, there is no way possible for her family to love her more than God already loves her. My sister knows that God is real.

My cousin was found in his truck unconscious Thanksgiving morning. No one knows how long he had been there. Everyone suspects he experienced a massive heart attack. We thank God that he knew to pull over. We also thank God that someone saw him and realized he was in really bad shape. CPR began not knowing if it had been too long to try and resuscitate my cousin. The doctors gave my cousin a 50/50 chance the day the ambulance brought him into the hospital. Three days later, my cousin began improving.  God is real.

I cannot possibly meet God’s holy standards. Positive actions and positive praying is not what makes people heal. My family’s future is not dependent on how I pray, what words I say, or how often I say them. My family’s protection, healing, and direction are dependent on One Thing. The True Reality based on an ever-present Power who assures me He sees, He knows, He cares and He hasn’t ignored my pleas. If I will only trust Him….