Nov. 24, 2015

Just call me, "potty mouth."

I need to tell you the negative side of my recent trip to New York City. That is, the negative side apart from having to come home.

New York City is socially more advanced than we are in Texas. They passed or accepted a version of the HERO law many, many years ago. To find separate men’s and women’s restrooms in the Big Apple is just about obsolete; except in tourist attractions. I suspect they realize that people are coming from all over the world and not everyone is as socially savvy as is New York City.

When you go to a public restroom – if you can find a public restroom in New York City – it will most likely be gender neutral. In the South, we call those restrooms “family restrooms,” because it allows mothers of young sons to take their sons to the bathroom without having to send the child alone into a men’s room or having to expose women in the women’s restroom to curious little male eyes. It also allows single fathers to send their little girls into the potty without having to worry about her.  Well, apart from her playing in the foamy soap or using the toilet paper as a festive train.

What we see as “family restrooms” is the normal public restroom in New York City. We were there the weekend before HERO was brought before the voters in Houston. I believe I had an epiphany. I cannot vote in Houston elections, but I believe circumstances allowed me to fast forward many years to get a glimpse of what will most likely become commonplace across our country. Everyone will share the same bathroom facilities.

I guess it isn’t really that big of a deal. Most Houstonians I know that voted against Proposition 1 did not do so out of hate. They voted “no” to Prop 1 in an effort to support the separation of bathrooms.  Is it that big of a deal since we all use the same restroom at home? Well, that depends on if you are a female and sit down to potty. When you turn your head you find yourself eye level with a urinal, it’s not a pleasant experience. I guess I am old-fashioned, but I have to tell you – that is socially gross regardless of where you live.

Strictly my opinion and you can certainly disagree.