Nov. 20, 2015

Wherever He leads, I'll go.

Human beings function better when there is a plan. The Book of Proverbs says, “People without a vision will perish.” Regardless of the type of relationship, a leader must step forward.

At times, the need is within the home. Far too many of us strive to be friends with our kids or live out our dreams through our kids. The world is desperate for adults in family relationships. I heard a young man speak one night about how he and his siblings just happened to be part of the picture but never really felt like part of a family. He shared how the parents made it glaringly apparent that they were living life for themselves and the kids would simply need to learn to function on their own. That’s not a family. If someone doesn’t want to raise kids, they shouldn’t have kids. The harsh saying rings true, “Any healthy male can become a father. It takes a real man to make a daddy.”

Leaders are needed in the professional world. The longer I am employed, the more I realize just how important it is to have someone take the lead. An organization or a company vacillates between total chaos and unproductivity if a leader doesn’t lead.

As the popularity of the local church diminishes the need for sound leadership increases. It is imperative that we admit what isn’t working, fix what is broken, and yield to a leader that submits to Christ. Our outdated practices of focusing on age or gender must stop. We are missing the blessing of following a God-called leader when we insist on sticking with an archaic game plan.

Last, but certainly not least, is the need for true, powerful leadership in the world. The Hitler regime taught us that decent people must work together and must stand together in order to root out evil. Even when they have different beliefs.

Faith doesn’t require that we know where we are going. Faith does require that we believe in the Person leading us to where we are going. He calls leaders for the big picture so that we, as His children, can do His work until He returns.

We are empowered to wait patiently when we work together and act wisely.