Nov. 11, 2015

Name change

I am thinking about changing my name. Names really mean something. I believe my name should be Peter Paul and Mary. Only problem is it is kind of long and would require me to really stretch out my signature when signing something.

Yep. Peter Paul and Mary.  That’s me.

I am Peter because I am impulsive.  I am mellowing with age. I am often too aggressive, but when the Holy Spirit takes over I am able to love others as Christ loves me.

“Paul,” because I am assertive. I am confident. I’ve been brought up in the church and carried many titles. I often put too much pressure on the church. I have too high of expectations for Christians. But, man – I can write.  Especially when I am laying down the law, right?

“Mary,” because I started out debating God once I realized what He needed me to do for Him. It’s taken great strength and maturity to yield to Him. Also, I love my sons deeply and dearly. Still, as with Mary, I learned as a mother we have to let them go allowing God to guide them.

So there you go.  My new name is Peter Paul and Mary Archer.  Happy to meet you!