Nov. 7, 2015


We can run from God for just so long and then a decision must be made. The truth always comes out.  Others typically know the truth before we are ready to admit to it. God allows us to toy with His will for our lives for just so long. I can assure you – HE has the last word.

Christians have a tendency to take sides regarding the personality of God. Many gravitate to His love side saying and believing that God is love; all love.  God is love.  God is also justice.

Others of us gravitate to God’s just side; especially when it comes to those who have hurt us or those who seem to get away with evil while we suffer the consequences of their poor choices.  I can assure you – GOD has the last word. (Don’t believe me? Read Psalm 37.)

None of us are exactly alike. I am not suggesting that you fit into a mold created for you by another human being. Adult children must find their own way and their own faith. We must allow another person to be free to be their “me.” Still, I can assure you – GOD always has the last word.

Feel like running? Run free and experiment with life’s choices if your soul requires seeing the other side of the story. But, don’t be fooled and don’t be foolish. God has something to say now. At some point, He stops talking. While we can’t outrun Him, He is willing to stop chasing us. Three times in Romans 1:24-32, it teaches “God gave them over.”

We surrender to Him or He surrenders us. We get to choose.