Nov. 7, 2015

D is for Different

We live in interesting times. Recently, the city of Houston put Proposition One (HERO) up for vote among its citizens. The Proposition believed to be equal rights by some was seen as potential, personal violations by others. 

There is a basic law of good and evil in the world. Let’s examine some aspects of evil: 

D is for Disgusting –  what is disgusting to one isn’t necessarily disgusting to another. Much of our manners and habits are predetermined by the environment handed to us. I was brought up in a very fundamentally-Christian household with Southern ties. We said, “yes sir” and “no sir;” “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am.” We were taught to respect our elders and not burp in public. What can I say? Disgusting was defined by the level of offense caused to others; not based on how much fun or self-gratification we felt by doing it.  

D is for Demented – if we seek the dictionary’s definition of “demented,” we would find: “driven to behave irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement.” Demented behavior isn’t based on having full, rational capacities. Situations and circumstances actually contribute to one’s demented behavior. Some say we must move past circumstances and still do the right thing. I suspect there are some instances where “right” is subjective.  

D is for Deviant – I feel led to encourage each of us to determine whether or not we believe society needs an “anything goes” plumb line or if we can agree that certain behaviors are simply not acceptable to the well-being of the majority? Does deviant behavior truly exist or do we believe each individual gets to determine their own way? This brings us to the logical next step –  

D is for Dangerous – so what happens if we decide the “right” thing to do is to not define anything as right or wrong, but to allow everyone to live their own life in separation from others. This means we no longer differentiate between good and bad; right or wrong; or acceptable versus unacceptable. Instead we take on the mantra of “live and let live.” A great deal of our current social debates surrounds the question of just how much and how often do I allow disgusting, demented, or deviant behavior to ooze into my life? When does tolerance and acceptance push us into the realm of danger? 

D is for Decide – while morality is very personal and while understanding some believe the Bible has the final word on any issue in question, we were created with free will. The truth of the matter is we, each of us, get to decide for ourselves. We are allowed to use any gauge offered to us and accepted by us to define our sense of morality and responsibility to the next generation.  

Regardless of your answers to any of my questions or in case you find yourself with more questions than answers, the good news is that in God’s eyes D is for Deliverance. Still, one must admit one needs His help in order to ask for it. Our God is a Gentleman. He will not force His way or His will into our personal or societal lives without our agreement.  

So, where is God in the disgusting, demented, deviant, dangerous or the decision? That, my friends, is the most important question any of us can ask or answer.