Oct. 29, 2015

Praying Friend

You were there
When I needed prayer
And it means so much to me.
It seemed with time
I was going out of my mind.
Peace came and set me free.
I know for sure
It was your prayer
That lessened all my pain.
With hope and love
From God above,
Your prayers helped keep me sane.
I want you to know
My faith is as though
God sits beside me now.
It’s because of you
A friend so true
Who willingly stopped to bow.
My heart can never thank you enough.
My hugs just seem so lame.
Life is tough,
But God is enough.
You called my hurt by name.
Please allow me to share
Just why your prayers
Have meant so much to me
Because of you,
My friend so true,
Satan is forced to flee.
So with time
My reason and rhyme
Is my way to say, “Thank you.”
His light shines
All the time
Through everything you do.

By Roni Archer - October 29, 2015