Oct. 29, 2015



People amaze me. Believe it or not, this really isn’t a complaint. It is more of an observation in human behavior.

A few years ago, I traveled for my first time to San Francisco, California.  I visited a friend I have not seen since 1977.  It was our first time to be together since graduating high school.  Another high school friend accompanied me. The three of us were so excited! I found the people of San Francisco to be warm and genuine. I am probably one of the few people in the world that would travel to San Francisco and tour their churches. They have beautiful churches with timely messages and outreach to the people in their city.

We posted some pictures on Facebook sharing our joy and excitement.  Someone on Facebook responded to our happy posts with the words, “Better you than me. I wouldn’t want to be in that place.” Ooooookkkkkaaaayyyy….

We will travel to New York City soon. It’s not our first trip to the Big Apple, but I have to tell you – we love it. We’re traveling to watch one of our sons run in the New York City Marathon. We will also be visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum. We are so excited! I know the memorial will be difficult and somber, but I really believe those who died both on 9/11 and those who fought in the wars surrounding 9/11 deserve honor and respect.

The response from others about our returning to New York City has been “interesting,” to say the least. We’ve received advice on where to stand during the race. We’ve heard remarks about our taking risks with our safety. Someone tried to tell me how rude New Yorkers were and how dirty the city stays. Have to tell you – that’s not what we’ve experienced. We are still so excited!

I find myself thinking, “Why would anyone want to rain on someone else’s parade?” It’s okay to be a wallflower, meaning not doing things in your life you have wanted to do or dreamed of doing. But, why belittle someone else for the things in which they find enjoyment?

As I began to type this, the Spirit whispered, “Football.”  I have to tell you, when it comes to conversations about football, I find myself saying, “Eewwww.”  Guess it goes to show you that one person’s interest can be another person’s irritation.