Oct. 25, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

God created human beings with a hole in their heart that only He can fill. Most of us search our entire life for just the right person, just the right thing, just the right place, or just the right drug to help us with our everyday lives. How shortsighted we can be not realizing the answer was there all along. His name is Jesus.

God also created us with an innate desire to find ourselves. Many people go through lots of jobs, lots of schools, lots of relationships, and lots of self-help books trying to answer the nagging question, “Why am I here?”

If I could go back, which I can’t, and parent all over again, I would encourage my sons to find themselves through the eyes of Jesus. I certainly taught my sons the importance of a relationship with God, but I am not sure I taught them that there is One Answer to every question in life. The answer is: faith.

If you are someone who has read my blogging over the past few years, you have ridden this wild roller coaster of emotion right alongside of me. I’ve questioned everything. Myself, my life, my intentions, my faith, my churches, my idols…everything. Believing I was called at twelve years old set my feet on this wild adventure to discover God’s ultimate meaning for my life. God revealed to me recently and fervently that He was sending me hints all along the way.

Writing. That’s my call.

It began in 3rd grade – not at age 12 – when a teacher described me as “a gifted writer” to my parents and approved me for extracurricular creative writing classes at Deer Park High School. I was a very little girl in a world of mostly teenage kids, but I was allowed to express my thoughts in writing. My skills were honed far above my grade level.

When my world came crashing in due to very deep hurt by a very confused church, the ladies’ class I taught in Bible Study at the time rallied the troops, collected their pennies, and sent me to an advanced writing class at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth. Being one of the largest seminaries in the nation, I was offered exposure to the most gifted writers in Christian America. They provided the ultimate coaching in – WRITING.

Somewhere along the way, a sensitive Associate Pastor saw my writing skills and suggested I contact my denominational Sunday School Board in an attempt to become one of their regular writers for church educational materials. Sadly, I was too busy trying to break the glass ceiling in the Baptist church by becoming one of the first female pastors in the city of Deer Park. Sadly, I missed the opportunity. I was blinded by my own desires. I was convinced I knew what God wanted and relied on the calling of that twelve-year-old little girl.

His call came many years prior to my twelfth birthday. He gifted me. He prepared me. He called me. He allowed me to wander in the wilderness, but guess what?  I am writing.

What are you missing? I encourage you to follow the words of my teachings better than I did myself. I always told the children, youth, and adults I worked with to watch for signs along the way. God would reveal His will on our lives when we realized those supernatural areas He has opened up for us and helped us to succeed.

My dear friends thank you.  Thank YOU for reading. You are part of the mission God placed on my life. I am excited to be here. Finally.