Oct. 21, 2015


Sometimes Christianity seems to focus more on what we don’t do instead of what we do – do. Does that make sense? I am certain it is not grammatically correct. I hope all the teachers out there will forgive me.

Sometimes people ask me my favorite Bible verse or my favorite chapter in the Bible. Many times I’ve been asked to share my favorite Bible story.

Sometimes I think I have favorites, but the entire Bible is just so good it is hard to choose.  Again, I am not minding my grammar tonight.

At this time, I am finding Matthew 19:13-30 to be some of the most helpful teachings in the Bible for my stage in life. Again, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but this lesson would be on the top of my list.

Sometimes, we need faith simplified. Matthew 19:13-30 simplifies Christ’s most important teachings to me. These verses are not written to anyone who chooses not to believe in Him. These verses are rich lessons in how His followers should behave.

Sometimes we can read the exact same thing and get a totally different message than anyone else. Sometimes we can look at the exact same piece of art and see something very different.

At this time, I am going to share what Matthew 19:13-30 says to me realizing it may say something totally different to you. Again, these verses were written at a time Jesus was trying to fill up His followers with what they would need after He vacated the earth.

Lesson #1: Kids matter. In fact, kids can teach us a lot about faith. Adults try to figure it all out and reason it away. Kids simply accept Jesus without having to know all the answers.

Lesson #2: Instead of talking about what we don’t do and what everyone else shouldn’t do, Christians need to focus on cleaning up our own acts.  People who claim to believe in a Holy God should be holy.

Lesson #3: Love God more. In fact, whatever takes top priority in your life is an idol and is a weak substitute for your relationship with God.  Love God more.

Lesson #4: Help the poor. I can hear everybody putting on the brakes right now. We don’t just reason away faith. We rationalize charity. We assume everyone should take care of themselves and we shouldn’t have to bail anyone out or bed anyone down.  Jesus did.  Any other questions?

Lesson #5: Trust God. Serve others. Let me say that again – trust God; serve others. 

When people want to talk about what we, as Christians, don’t do and what everyone else in the world should do, we simply aren’t effective. People lay down the law. Christ poured out His grace. Come to Jesus.