Oct. 15, 2015

Being in the world; not of it.

Several years ago, I interviewed with the President and CEO of a large non-profit organization in the area. After seeing my degree was in Religious Education, he asked me, “You aren’t the church lady, are you?” For those of you too young to remember, Dana Carvey played a part on Saturday Night Live that was named, “the church lady.” The spoof was on “her” prudish nature and judging ways. I remember responding to the CEO’s question, “No. Not at all.”

I didn’t realize at the time that “the church lady” was exactly what I was and described me to a tee. I was so entrenched in the church world that I didn’t realize I had lost sight of my most important mission – to reach out to others.

As I write this blog this evening, I have to willingly put myself under a spiritual microscope and ask, “Roni, has the church lady in you returned?” Because what I am about to share sounds a) very judgmental, and b) totally prudish. However, it is my blog so I get to say it anyway. <smile>

I am very concerned about our society. My conservative friends are rolling their eyes thinking, “Well, duh.” But, I must admit to you I am really concerned about our society.

I am not concerned about who will win the presidential election in 2016. I am not concerned with gun violence or the latest statistics on teen pregnancy or abortion. I am most concerned about the lack of conviction among God’s people.

We seem to fit in so well with our surroundings that it has become very hard to see much difference between us and them.

Until Christians read God’s word, study God’s word together, pray daily and often, and submit to God’s teachings, our society will continue to go downhill. The President of the United States can’t and won’t save us. Christ already saved us. Perhaps it is time that we start behaving saved instead of frolicking in the world’s lostness?