Oct. 14, 2015

When, what, how, and why, but most of all “Who?”

When I find myself slipping
Back into old ways
I stop myself and ask,
“What would Jesus say?”
When I find myself wanting
Unnecessary things in my past
I find myself thinking, “Hold on. The feeling won’t last.”
When I find myself tempted
To return to my sin
I cry out to Jesus saying,
“Please help me again!”
When I find myself struggling
Not knowing which way to turn
I hear my Lord whisper, “Remember all that you’ve learned.”
How can I experience His grace?
His love? Such happiness?
How can I turn away
From His mercy and rest?
Why would I want to slip or give in?
Then I remember: I represent Him.
Heart of Worship by Matt Redman
“I'm comin' back to the heart of worship
And it's all about You
It's all about You, Jesus.”

"Heart Of Worship" is track #8 on the album Sing Like Never Before: The Essential Collection. It was written by Matt Redman.

Roni Archer, August 14, 2015