Oct. 9, 2015

The Solution

Pride. That’s been my problem. As I read my scripture text tonight from Matthew 18:1-5, I realize I have an ego problem. Many of you are smiling right now thinking, “Yea. We know.” Thanks for being patient with me.

Jesus talks about children and the childlike. He is talking about two different groups. Children are obvious. They are trusting and have no pretense. They are accepting and typically find trust easy unless they’ve been given reasons not to trust.

The childlike are a totally different matter. These can be young Christians – meaning new to the faith. “Childlike” can refer to fragile Christians who have been hurt and damaged by other believers. Special needs individuals fall within the childlike realm. We are warned not to reject or hurt children or the childlike.

Jesus desires humility. Christianity isn’t about feeling weak. There is great power in the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us we would receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. Jesus tells us He is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all. Jesus does not paint a picture of weak, helpless followers.

Jesus wants the humble in spirit so that He can make them spiritually powerful.

Again, my problem has been pride. For many years, I’ve thought to myself and prayed to the Lord, “Why does he get to be a preacher and I don’t?  I preach and teach much more effectively than him.”  Or, “Why does she get to be a pastor just because she grew up in a more inclusive religion or lives on the West side of Houston. Is that fair, Lord?”

Once I stopped asking stupid questions and simply yielded to His will for my life, I found strength in becoming childlike. I am a child of the King. Power solves problems when humility leads the way. I am still growing…even at my age.