Oct. 3, 2015

Warning Shot

People need the Lord. Although it sounds old-fashioned and “preachy,” the truth of the matter is our country – our world – needs Judeo-Christian values that include God.

The Bible prepares us for the moral decline that is going to escalate out of control before Christ’s return. He came as a baby, a sacrifice, the first time. His return will reveal the full power of God. He will return as a Lion. Only God’s loving patience is preventing Him from calling this life quits. I am not certain the bulk of us understand the reality of the spiritual realm.

Again, it sounds “preachy.” If someone has no concept of a loving God, they find it even more unconceivable that there is a side of God that will eventually pull the plug on disobedience. Jesus’ parting words to His followers were for us to receive His power through His Holy Spirit and become witnesses all over the world. His desire is to see everyone come into a seeking, saving, solid relationship with Him. Doing so does not just improve our quality of life here; it secures our eternal life “there.”

Man, from the very beginning, deemed ourselves experts of our own destiny. The farther our society pulls away from God, the rougher it is going to be to survive in a Godless society.  We are our own worst enemies.

It’s time to quit arguing about which denomination or church is right. It’s time to stop debating gun laws, women’s rights, the environment, or who we are going to support for President. It’s time for us to make the Main Thing the main thing.

If I spent nearly as much time sharing God as I do arguing about the trivial matters of life, I’d not only see things improve; I just might see Him return knowing we’ve done all the good we can on earth.

Think about it.  No, PRAY about it.

I am His.  Are you?

*Picture taken from TonyEvans.org with full credit given. Please visit his site.