Sep. 15, 2015

Build a bridge

I am fascinated by bridges. Some of my most favorite drives and meaningful scenery involve bridges. Bridges help to close the gap between where we have been and where we are headed. Christ is the Greatest Bridge of all.  Jesus Christ stretched out over a huge gorge called, “Sin” and reconciled us to His Father.

I’ve built some bridges. I’ve managed to connect with and support people in crisis and people in need. I’ve been available at some of the lowest points in people’s lives: separations, divorces, mental breakdowns, suicide attempts, babies born with special needs, babies passing before birth, the death of friends and family. I’ve built some bridges through grace and forgiveness.  Often times, I’ve extended the olive branch in a broken relationship seeking reconciliation knowing Christ expects it of me. Sometimes the forgiveness is accepted and the relationship is restored. Other times, the olive branch is refused. I am forced to accept the burned bridges created by pride, ego, unforgiveness, and sin.

Yes, I’ve been a bridge builder and a bridge burner. In each experience, I can honestly say the Lord has taught me something rich and pure. He has taught me His level of forgiveness towards my personal sins cannot be matched, but it can be mimicked. I choose to forgive others even when someone chooses not to forgive me.

I’ve stepped onto the Greatest Bridge of All – Christ Jesus. I prayed tonight thanking God for those friendships that are rich and strong despite differences of opinion.  I thanked God tonight for relationships that were damaged, but were healed through humility and grace on all sides. I’ve asked for God to bless any relationship that remains broken; even those not wanting or not actively seeking reconciliation. I am asking God to bless them all regardless of the current condition of the bridge.

I love bridges. They are the hope that something else is just around the next turn or next curve. Bridges assure us that we will reach the other side and when we do so, we are empowered to continue on our journey safely, excitement ahead of us and with a beautiful view behind us.