Sep. 6, 2015

How do I know?

I understood the Spirit of God for as long as I can remember. My parents did well in introducing me to Him. With their cooperation, I heard of Him until I was old enough to understand Him for myself.

My first realization of God’s Spirit was when I was about five years old.  We spent many weekends and summer vacations at my grandparents’ house in Louisiana. I was put to bed early and would lie in bed listening to the sounds in the house before I fell asleep.

I was comfortable, warm and safe in my borrowed bed and tucked tightly under a cozy quilt. I would watch the shadows in the room created by each passing car since my grandparents lived on a small-town highway. Each shadow made its own unique figure on the wall. I was never scared. As I age, I understand just how blessed I am that I was never afraid of figures in the dark.

I would hear faint train whistles in the distance as the railroad cars traveled down Old Highway 90. My grandparents lived just over the Texas state line so the railroad coasted along Highway 90 just a few blocks from their house and directly over the border into Louisiana. To this day, I love to hear the sound of train whistles.  Their sounds send me back to my childhood.

As I lay there in the dark, I could hear my family telling one another good night and making their way to their own beds. Not too long after, I could hear my grandfather’s soothing snores through the wall as he and my grandmother slept in the room next to mine. I could hear the soft hum of appliances running in the house. All was dark.  All was quiet.  I gently closed my eyes to try and go to sleep.

As a little girl, I felt my soul. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I knew there was a part of me still awake within my physical body despite my best efforts to go to sleep. I still get the same feeling when I want to calm myself.  I find a quiet place and close my eyes. God is there.  He always has been and forever will be there.

I do not understand anyone who decides for themselves that there is no God. If you look at the physical manifestations of Him, how could you doubt Him? Buildings are built by man. Streets and houses are the workmanship of mankind. Yet, the blue sky, the white clouds, the trees blowing in the wind – no man came up with their design.  Man did not just make them happen. Something is behind their creation.  Something more than science.

There is a beginning to everything and everyone.  How do I know?  Because He has always been there for me, with me, and within me for as long as I can remember.  I never doubted Him – ever.  I constantly voice tremendous gratitude for my life; one lived with Him constantly and continually. Thank you, Spirit of the Living God.  Fall fresh on me.