Aug. 31, 2015

Yes, I can!

Futile arguments. God’s children seem to be locked in futile arguments. All the while, the world passes by and people pass with it.

Take the time to watch and listen to this clip from “Annie Get Your Gun.” Look familiar? As I sat outside our Worship Center after church today, I sat next to another grandmother waiting on her granddaughter to come downstairs after Sunday School. We struck up a conversation and she said, “We are new to the church. I was brought up Catholic. This is really different.” I smiled and said, “I was brought up Southern Baptist and some of my most meaningful lessons were taught to me by my Catholic friends.” She teared up, sat silently for 1-2 minutes and then said, “You are the first Baptist that had anything nice to say to me after hearing I came from the Catholic church.”

How sad.