Aug. 4, 2015

Burning Questions

Here is my list of burning questions:


Why is it that the ones declaring there is no God are the same people who never talk to Him?

How can you deny the bible if you have never read it?

Have you ever noticed the ones who claim to hate church the most are the ones who never go?

Why are those most bitter in their life the same as those who never utter the words, “I’m sorry” to other people?

Have you noticed some of the ones with the most fervent Christian upbringing either flaunt it (by judging) or flee it (by ignoring it)?

Have you noticed the words of the doubters have not silenced the voice of the faithful – ever?

Why is it the first in line for accepting God’s grace seem to be the very people most unwilling to grant it?

If you don’t want to “force God” on your kids, could you at least try introducing them to Him and let Him take it from there?


 Here is my challenge:  Pray right now. Commit to reading one chapter of the bible every day.  If you have never practiced a bible ready plan, start with Matthew in the New Testament. Pray each time before you open your bible with the words, “Lord, if you are real, please speak to me.” Email me with any thoughts or burning questions of your own.  Your email will be kept confidential and I will only respond to your email IF you ask for a response. Then, let’s see what God does in your life by January 1, 2016.

My final burning question: Are you willing to expand your horizon with the challenge above?