Jul. 31, 2015

Triangulation = Strangulation

I have a problem.  Well, I have many problems.  However, the problem I want to cover today is my desire to remain friends with all my friends even if some friends decide to get a divorce from one of my other friends.  It’s a huge burden in my Facebook world.

It seems everyone wants everyone to take sides.  Hey, your divorce is between you and the other person.  I really don’t have a side to take. I apparently wasn’t part of the problem, so I really doubt I am in any way going to provide a solution.

Too often, we try to drag other people into our own personal problems. The problem with that is we all have enough of our own problems. But, I can see why some people get a divorce if they are looking for other people to solve their marital problems.

Triangulation is a term meaning too many hands in the pie.  No, that isn’t the official definition, but it simplifies this blog.  We should each seek reconciliation with anyone we have a problem with and not expect other people to handle it.  

If you are going to make me choose sides, you lose.  Sorry. I am a firm believer that there are always two sides to every story and it isn’t my role to referee.

So….if in your world absolute loyalty means I cannot “Like” a picture of your child that your ex-spouse took, that’s just sad.  I guess the kids are supposed to take sides, too, huh?

Now that’s where triangulation becomes strangulation for the children of divorce.  Not a good idea.

Let me be perfectly clear:  If you hurt one of my kids or my grandkids, this blog is null and void.  That’s when strangulation is totally acceptable.  <wink>