Jul. 27, 2015

Define the mission

As soon as the music started and before we began singing, I knew the song well – “Fairest Lord Jesus.” The song itself transported me back in time to my elementary music class. We spent many months learning the song in preparation for our field trip to the Houston Symphony. School-aged children from across the Houston area gathered and were treated to a taste of the arts through the symphony. We all stood in unison before the professional musicians took the stage. We sang, “Fairest, Lord Jesus,” proudly, loudly and boldly. I suspect, to the Houston Symphony musicians at the time, the voices of little children singing out in Jones Hall was equally entertaining.

School children’s voices have been squelched. What I took for granted is no more. Where most blame “the Liberals,” I blame us. Christians stopped being as concerned with the community and seemed to withdraw into their million dollar buildings. We seemed to have left the community and its children to fin for themselves; yet, we want to rally the troops at election time proclaiming our rights have been violated. I simply do not get it.  I am one of “those Christians” and that isn’t how I see it at all.  Sorry.

You see, somewhere between “Fairest Lord Jesus” at the Houston Symphony and today’s anger came the battle of music within church congregations. While unbelievers were debating the political correctness of whether or not Jesus should be mentioned in a school field trip, my brothers and sisters were griping about whether to put the organ up and bring out guitars. While America fought over prayer in schools, the church debated whether or not God even hears our prayer if we do not use the proper closing word, “in Jesus’ name.”

Our inward focus minimized outward mission. We developed programs, threw parties, and allowed personal worship preferences to rule as the community outside the church continued to disintegrate.  Somehow, I simply do not see that as a “Liberal” problem.

The attack on the church was subtle. It was slow-moving and it came from within. Comfort overruled community outreach. From my vantage point, the organized church (not the Liberals) is our own worst enemy. We spend so much time arguing about what we believe as a church that we somehow forgot the importance of telling the community Who we believe in as Lord. We continue to demand how the rest of the world should act instead of demonstrating the love of Christ through our individual actions.

My sincere apologies. Not to you, but to my grandchildren Jessie, Devon, Toby and Cadence.  My generation was so busy arguing amongst ourselves that the generation that followed moved on without us.

There is a revival occurring in our land. It is a quiet, slow-moving storm. If you don’t feel it, it might because you prefer to lament over “what was” instead of celebrating what is to come. We may be losing the battle, but Jesus Christ already won the war.

We've got the Power.  Turn it on within your own life and turn it up around you!