Jul. 17, 2015

The Circle of Friendship

I grieve for what is lost knowing that I have more blessings in my life than could ever be counted.

I grieve for friendships lost while being grateful for the relationships that are healthy, vibrant, fair and loyal.

I grieve for the one that was always there when we had so much in common. We traveled similar paths. We remained side by side full of love and commitment. Sadly, we seldom laughed together.

I grieve for the one that seems confused due to all that life has dealt her. She has seen great joy and horrendous disappointment. She seems to stagger, unable to find secure footing on which to stand. When we were happy, we were friends. When she was not, the friendship could not be.

I grieve for the one that was faithful during childhood. We swam, rode bikes, played with dolls, experienced the turbulent junior high years together, found and lost boyfriends during high school.  We traveled into young adulthood together. Like a wind, she was gone. Her memory remains a constant reminder of childhood days left far behind.

I can celebrate while I grieve. For this is the thing life is made of:  learning to love, enjoying the experience, growing in wisdom, letting go when necessary, and moving forward…always moving forward.

The circle of friendship seems to end too soon for some while offering new beginnings with others. Authenticity allows us to feel both joy and pain. Rich spirituality never allows us to ignore one or the other. There is freedom in feeling.

The circle of friendship allows both joy and sorrow being thankful for the lessons learned in each.