Jul. 7, 2015

My frustration

The first US President I remember is John F. Kennedy. The only reason I remember him is because I was in Kindergarten when he was assassinated and his funeral pre-empted Let’s Make a Deal. I was not a happy camper.  My mother asked me to sit down and watch the coverage with her saying I would need to remember it someday.

Lyndon B. Johnson came next.  All I really remember about LBJ is the draft and a faraway place called, “Vietnam.” My brother was draft age and we would sit as a family each night watching TV as the lottery-style draft numbers were dropped and called on air.

Richard M. Nixon is probably the President I remember the most. I remember him saying, “I am not a crook” on national TV.  By today’s standards, he was not a crook.  Dishonest? Yes.  Politically motivated? Yes. The worst I’ve seen?  No.

Gerald R. Ford filled my high school years.  I was kind of distracted (duh), so all I remember about him was Saturday Night Live made fun of him for falling down a lot.  Obviously, he was clumsy. I knew his wife drank too much. She turned a negative into a positive by creating a way for fellow alcoholics and addicts to get help.

My first vote was cast for James E. (Jimmy) Carter.  Not because I was a faithful to any political party, but because I heard he was Southern Baptist. My naivety told me that if he went to church and especially if he claimed to be Southern Baptist, he must be a good guy. He was and still is a very good guy.  History will judge his presidency, so I don’t have to decide whether or not he was a good President.

Ronald W. Reagan interested me. I could never figure out why an actor would want to be President. With time, I grew to understand he had the exact skills needed to play the part.

George H.W. Bush was and always will be one of my most favorite Presidents. He led during the time that I was having children, raising children, and trying to master a one-income household. I’ve always said nothing much happened on his watch, which proves to me that he must have been very good at what he did. I liked his wife. Still do.

William J. (Bill) Clinton is a sad story to me; such talent, but no self-control. His wife scares me. She certainly has the "control issue" under control.

George W. Bush appealed to me because he said, “We are not the 911 for the world.”  Oops.  Guess he had a change of heart.  What can I say?  His administration constantly deployed my son and his fellow soldiers. When GWB was Governor of the state of Texas, my daddy would say, “The only problem with him is he doesn’t form his own opinions. He depends on everyone else to tell him what to do.”  My daddy is a very smart man.

Regardless of popular belief and accusations that I am “Liberal” (ooooo….the ‘L’ word!), I did not vote for President Barak Obama.  If you want to know the truth – I didn’t vote for anyone both times he ran. I don’t think he is Muslim and I certainly do not think he is evil. I think he is a highly-educated man that expects everyone to be as diplomatic and fair as he seems to be.  Guess what?  They’re not. Guess what else? I haven’t seen a Republican candidate in a very long time that was worth voting for or against.

Who is next? I don’t know. What I do know is there is no way in Hades I would run for the office of President of the United States.  I have yet to figure out why anyone would want the job. America is land of the free.  We are certainly home of the brave.  But, we also earned the world cup in whining.

A youth minister once told me that youth would absorb the personality of the adults in a church. If the adults were happy Christians, the kids would believe that Christians are happy people. If the adults were authentic, the kids would be authentic. If the adults were selfish, the youth group would be selfish as well. I think his observation holds true for society.

If you constantly bash our government, continually belittle our leader(s), have nothing good to say about America except in past tense, why do you think those coming behind you will have any hope for making our future a better and brighter place? Do you really think your anger, gossip, demeaning remarks and self-pity will motivate anyone?

I’m frustrated. Perhaps it is because I am finishing up the book, “I am Malala” and have read the atrocities this 16-year-old young woman survived. Perhaps it is because I have friends serving as underground missionaries in hostile countries.  Or perhaps it is because my son has sacrificed his life and time with his children to protect a bunch of hateful, whiney babies.

See there….I make an excellent American.  I whine well.