Jul. 1, 2015


Everyone, myself included, jumped on the Bruce Jenner bandwagon.  One side said, “Hooray!”  The other side exclaimed, “No way!” We all have an opinion.

I struggle with the concept that God messes up by making mistakes. I believe some are born “normal,” for whatever that’s worth; while others are born with special needs. I think all of us have favorite parts of our bodies and cherish aspects of our being; while others can’t seem to find anything good about themselves.

What Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner taught us is that we seem to think sin comes in degrees.  It doesn’t.  To judge one sin more harshly than another pretty much reveals what kind of heart we are hiding.  It’s easy to judge and condemn Bruce Jenner, but how many breast augmentations occur each year? How many people get face lifts, tattooed eyebrows, fake nails, and tummy tucks?

Have we decided altering God’s design is okay just so the genitals remain intact?

At the core of every struggle is the issue of self-image and self-acceptance. Whether we are Bruce or Caitlyn or 17-year-old Jane Doe, when we make the decision we don’t stack up, out comes the knife. Is plastic surgery okay and when does it cross the line?

Is making yourself into something you’re not okay or is it sin?

I don’t know.  I am really asking because I am convinced I was supposed to remain a blonde until I get to Heaven.