Jul. 1, 2015

Yo, Joshua!

I attend a weekly bible study with approximately 200-300 participants. The study has become the largest non-denominational gathering in Pasadena despite being held in a Baptist church. It consists of people from all denominations and all walks of life who need a reminder that God walks with us every day – not just on Sundays.

Today’s lesson was based on Joshua 1. As I sat and listened to the teacher, I felt my mind wandering. Not in a disinterested kind of way, but in a way that allowed me to consider the life application of these words written thousands of years ago.  Please allow me to set the scene of the message: Moses had died and Joshua was picked to replace him.

Can you imagine having to follow in the footsteps of Moses?  Talk about feeling intimidated! God told Joshua three times to “be strong and courageous.” Something tells me God understood Joshua’s fears and apprehension in his newly-appointed role.

As I meditated on the passages, I found myself asking “Who will follow in my footsteps? Do I even have footsteps to follow in?” That’s when I sensed God moving in my spirit. I realize that, unless you believe in the concept that God still speaks, for someone to say, “God says…” is very frightening. I want to encourage you to realize a) this was not an audible voice (“Whew!” you say) and b) God simply led my thoughts to ask “what’s next” in the work He desires to accomplish through me.

I suspect, in the past, those who do not know me well may have felt I was on a power kick.  After all, what would prompt a middle-class, Southern, Caucasian female to think she has any role in God’s kingdom beyond teaching women or teaching children? I think many people felt I was being radical just for the sake of being radical.  I want to ask you a question: How did female physicians evolve?  Someone said to a little girl, “Why stop at being a nurse?  Be a doctor!”

That has been God’s message through me. Women matter in God’s kingdom. Little girls should be encouraged to fall deeply in love with Jesus and see where He leads her before ever picturing a man in her life.  To those of you raising daughters or those of you working with young women in any form or fashion, be the person that encourages them to reach farther and dream bigger. 

I am not Moses and cannot begin to compare myself to him. God really doesn’t need a Joshua to follow in my footsteps.  God does, however, need all hands on deck as we enter turbulent years in the world of faith or lack thereof.  Are you willing to be the one who says to today’s little girls, “Be strong and courageous?”