Jun. 24, 2015

Extra, extra! Read all about it (or not).

As a kid, I never read the newspaper. Sometimes I grabbed the cartoon section from my daddy, but I really wasn’t interested in world affairs.

Social media has replaced the printed newspaper. I would like to share and compare my observations regarding both:

While printed newspapers were typically black and white, our world has evolved into a vast array of colors. As population increases, so does belief systems and opinions. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless we refuse to “see” in color.

Some of us, like me as a child, only want the funny papers. We do not want the drama, the over-sharing of details, or the political/religious banter. We want to see and read only those things which make us laugh.

Others of us use social media for local and/or world news. We like to see and hear what is going on in the world. We are really okay that it isn’t always good news.

Still others favor the “opinion” columns, which are similar to the editorials from newspapers of the past. We like to be challenged to think or look at life differently. We enjoy seeing other sides of any issue and are not easily offended when someone doesn’t agree with us. We see debate as healthy; not hurtful.

A new trend is to use social media outlets as modern-day classified ads. People host cyber garage sales, post cars or boats they want to sell, and constantly look for the next great bargain. It’s as if we were rummaging through the sales ads provided in newspapers that were once thrown in our front yard.

Finally, there are some of us that like the personal columns where we are allowed to get a glimpse of what is going on in the lives and minds of those we love. General interest stories and/or spiritual outlook posts inspire us.

Paul taught about accepting others for who they are and realizing we are not all made alike. He used the analogy of the human body pointing out some of us are heads (leaders); some of us are hands (doers); while others of us are mouths (speakers). I’ll let you guess which one I am.

Let me encourage you not to lose friends over social media. Certainly, do not allow it to come between you and family members. Look at it like the newspaper of years gone by – if you are not interested in reading a particular section, skip it.  Move on to what does interest you.

Let’s try not to judge or condemn others for enjoying the very sections we want to throw away.