Jun. 16, 2015

Busy body or busybody?

In my personal piousness, I once read the parts of scripture that referred to “those women” who made it their business to tell everyone else’s business thinking none of it applied to me. Oh, these women masked their gossip through prayer requests, but I could never understand why they couldn’t just say, “Pray for <fill in the blank>,” knowing God would know the details of <name>’s life and know better than anyone else what <name> needed.  These women seemed to find great pleasure in proving how much they knew about everyone else’s struggles.

Yes, I believed “those women” were busybodies and I took great pride (a.k.a., arrogance) in the fact that I kept my body busy in God’s work instead of spending valuable time gossiping.

Then, as God always does, He revealed His light into the darkest crevasses of my soul.  Yes…my body was busy, but my mouth and attitude were equally busy. I discovered ways to stick my nose into just about any argument, especially within the church. I deemed myself “Carnac the Magnificent*,” regarding all things "female" within a church body.

May I share God’s revelation for me with you?

Gossip – if you are not part of the problem and you are not part of the solution, to discuss the issues apart from the ones they concern is gossip.

Busybody – to decide you are the solution to everyone’s problem is the indication that you are, indeed, a busybody.

As shared in my blog entitled, “June,” another aspect of my personality I discovered in my new job is the fact that I love to help others. In fact, I love to help others so much that I am willing to help them even when they are not interested in my help.  For that reason, friend, I am a busybody.

Please help me change.  Please pray for me and hold me accountable. When I take off on a tangent, please quietly (and kindly) ask me, “Are you being Roni or Carnac?”


* Carnac the Magnificent was a recurring comedic role played by Johnny Carson and was one of Carson's most well-known characters. Carnac was a mystic from the East who had all the answers to all the questions even before they were even asked.