Jun. 16, 2015


You can call me "June." No, seriously. I've been compared to June Cleaver on the classic TV show, "Leave it to Beaver."  One of my greatest desires is for people to learn how to get along. On one "Leave it to Beaver" episode, Wally and the Beav were fighting. Jane lamented telling Ward, "I just want the boys to love one another and learn how to get along."  Good luck with that one, June!

I don't think I ever realized how great my yearning for harmony is until I started a new job. As part of the employment process, I was asked to take a personality assessment that revealed how I react to others and what motivates me. It revealed one of my deepest desires is to discover and foster harmony - sometimes to my own detriment. 

Solutions that seem as smooth as glass to me may seem as clear as mud for others. I want everyone to be nice, which is not a biblical concept; although being kind is taught in scripture. There is a difference. Being nice seems superficial. Kindness runs deep within our soul. Now, do not hear me say I'm not opinionated. I've got my opinions and some are very strong (surprise!), but I prefer everyone talk to one another and listen to one another as opposed to choosing one side over the other.  Harmony allows everyone to think for themselves without condemnation. (Another biblical concept.) 

Self-assessment promotes self-awareness and both are tough disciplines. However, they are necessary if you truly want to learn how to be the very best version of yourself. 

So go ahead and call me "June." I remain the eternal optimist truly believing we will all learn to get along eventually. There is something powerful about the lesson that says "he who desires to lead must first serve."

Oh, I also discovered I am too helpful. But, more on that later….